Be Careful With What You Eat

What we eat says a lot about our bodies and our overall health.  When we consume fruits, vegetables and other foods we are taking in substances that are the building blocks for our health.  If we take in foods that are filled with sugar, artificial flavors and colors then we are not getting the proper nutrition that we need in order to be happy and healthy.

When we look at the foods that we eat, bad foods can result in us having to deal with emergency tooth extraction in Richmond.  If the foods that we consume are too hard, get lodged into a section of our teeth and forced out in the wrong way, we can easily chip or crack our teeth resulting in the need for repair.

Break up your food

The first thing that you need to do is break up your food. This is done by grinding it up in a mixer or a chopper.  If we are consuming foods such as nuts or pretzels it is a good idea to break them up into a size that is much easier to manage than large whole pieces.  IF we break up our food into small enough pieces so that we don’t need to chew them, then that protects our teeth from the hard surfaces.

Chew slowly

Another issue we may face is when we chew our food too fast.  When we chew our food too fast we may stuff more food into our mouths than our teeth can handle.  As a result we are not beginning the digestion process correctly which can result in issues down the road.

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Try to soften your food

If you are cooking foods that are hard in nature, try softening them.  You can do this by boiling them or roasting them in butter.  When we soften our food it makes it much easier to chew which in turn puts less stress on our teeth.