Different Kinds of Treatments for Hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoids are uncomfortable and painful. They form in the veins around the lower rectal region and are unbearable swellings. They cause a lot of problems and need to be treated right away. You should contact a charleston hemorrhoid removal specialist to treat hemorrhoids. These specialists follow several procedures that are explained below.


Banding is also known as rubber-band ligation. This procedure involves cutting off the blood flow from the affected area by putting a tiny rubber band over the base of internal hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoid, along with the band, shrinks and falls off in a week. Most people do not prefer this treatment regardless of it being a permanent treatment. This is because it is painful and causes bleeding.


During a Sclerotherapy, the doctor puts certain chemicals into the hemorrhoid tissue. These chemicals cut the blood flow to that region, making the swelling abate. Sclerotherapy repetition every few weeks to totally remove the hemorrhoids. It is also not a permanent solution since the swelling might appear after a few years. Sclerotherapy causes some pre-treatment discomfort, but it is not infectious.  

Infrared coagulation

Infrared Coagulation involves cutting off blood flow to the hemorrhoids. This is done by forming scar tissues through concentrated infrared light. With no blood flow into the tissue, hemorrhoids disappear after a single visit to the doctor.


The removal functioning of this treatment is the same as infrared coagulation. The only difference between the two is that instead of infrared rays, this involves the development of scar tissues through an electric current focused on the hemorrhoid area. Coagulation treatments do not eradicate the problem entirely since hemorrhoids might reappear after a few years. This treatment causes only slight pain and is completely safe from causing infections.

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Treating hemorrhoids is a painful but necessary treatment for your physical well-being. The above-given treatment options will help you get rid of this painful problem.